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    2020 Summer Schedule

    Let the Mayhem Begin

    Colorado Mayhem is a highly competitive basketball program that focuses on player development while giving the tools necessary to be successful on the court, as well as in life. This is a special group that will impress at every level.

    2020 Championships

    • 2020 Eloy Mares 17U Big East Champions
    • 2020 iHoops D1 High School Boys Champions
    • 2020 iHoops 15U Boys Champions

    2020 Semi Finals

    • 2020 Eloy Mares Rocky Mountain 17U Semi Finals
    • 2020 Eloy Mares Rocky Mountain 15U 2nd Place

    Covid-19 Mask

    While we all focus on staying safe and following the "Safer at Home" protocols, it's still a great time to show your Mayhem pride.

    If you would like a Colorado Mayhem Mask, please email (Cost is $10 per mask) 

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    Contact Us

    Joshua Turner

    Joshua Turner

    Director - Colorado Mayhem Basketball

    Phone: 303-928-9486